Cool notes after tonight

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This is my revised review of Davidoff's Cool Water Night Dive.

Wow, what an amazing scent that I find is great, not over-powering and rather long lasting. I got this one blind from Kohl's for under $20 for a /50ml gift set. It was being clearenced out and I still had money on a Kohl's gift card so I figured that I would try and use it on this fragrance. I had chosen wisely with this one.

It's not your run of the mill aquatic. Personally when people say "I hate aquatics, aquatics are bland and smell like any beach." If you have smelt aquatics, you might have smelt them all. Let's face it: Davidoff Cool Water (the original), Bath & Body Works Ocean, Guy Laroche Drakkar Essence, Bigelow Barbershop Elixir Blue, Ralph Lauren Polo Blue, etc. all kind of smell alike, and I honestly do like aquatics. This one, the flanker to Cool Water, Cool Water Night Dive however is much more. Mint, mixed berries and pepper make it different from most aquatic scents I've bought in the past and the aquatics that even most people have smelt. The mix of the classic Cool Water notes and the special notes specific or enhanced for this flanker, make it stand out scent wise in the aquatic category.

This is also the rare night-time aquatic fragrance as most are mainly day scents. For though me, I find it even works in the day time. Seasonal wise it can last from about the end of winter, when the snow melts away in March, until about the time snow falls in November, giving you roughly a 10 month scent. That also the scent gives pretty decent sillage and a long about 6 to 8 hour window, long for both an aquatic and a mint based fragrance.

Now for the weird confession part of this review, while I have of course smelt Cool Water during my fragrance journey, I never owned one of my own. Now that you are shocked, hear me out. This is because I have owned both Bath & Body Work's Ocean (my first-ever fragance) and Bigelow's Barbershop Elixir Blue (one I sold off) which smell close enough to the original. After buying this however, I just might buy he classic. Sadly though, I imagine that I will have high expectations that will be hard to lived up to based on this awesome flanker.

I have to give it a 9 out 10. I came to this rating for its price, as even at my under $20 for the giftset, I STILL can get a for not much more. As I mentioned already, its smell is great, it is fairly versatile and the fact I can get a work day out of this cologne, even with mint make it a titan in its genre.

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Cool Notes After TonightCool Notes After TonightCool Notes After TonightCool Notes After Tonight