Gianfranco plenizio la gatta in calore

The name above the title belongs to Gianfranco Plenizio , but the spirit and sensibility that dominate the score to the 1972 film La Gatta in Calore belong entirely to Ennio Morricone -- Plenizio channels Il Maestro at every turn here, and while the finished product is far too derivative for comfort, there's no denying the skill behind its execution. Plenizio is a master of mood, juxtaposing sensual yet sophisticated themes alongside vividly eerie passages that beautifully evoke the movie's lurid eroticism -- it's the sort of score that Morricone does so well, of course, but give Plenizio credit for possessing the prodigious talent sufficient to create a nearly flawless facsimile instead of a paint-by-numbers ripoff. Beat's 2006 reissue includes six previously unreleased themes.

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Gianfranco Plenizio La Gatta In CaloreGianfranco Plenizio La Gatta In CaloreGianfranco Plenizio La Gatta In CaloreGianfranco Plenizio La Gatta In Calore