Hollis crew its the beat

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As much as I admire the work of both Polanski and Nicholson, I found Chinatown tedious from beginning to just before the end.

2nd Lt. Angert was a member of the crew of Lt. Dale E. Williams on the aircraft "Shazam."  Their target for the day was the Soest Marshaling Yards. They crashed shortly after take off in cloudy weather with heavy icing.  Because no one survived the crash and the weather clouded the crash from the view of other aircraft and civilians on the ground, the exact cause of the crash was never determined.  Three witnesses on the ground saw the aircraft moments before it hit the ground.  All said that the aircraft was on fire when it broke through the low clouds and that the plane appeared to level off before the right wing broke off the aircraft and the fuselage crashed into the ground and exploded. The two photos on the right are of the crash scene.  They were taken as part of the accident investigation.  Unfortunately, the original photos were destroyed and these copies are the best quality photograph available.