Various orgies in synth

I’m a Registered Nurse and first became interested in prostate stimulation when I was assisting one of the Doctors with a routine prostate exam. Shortly after I enetered the exam room I could see that he was starting to get an erection. He was slightly embarrassed so I did my best to not notice how huge his cock was.

The nihilist (rogue) avoids this metaphysical confrontation. The blue piller (pawn) allows others to dictate his metaphysics to him. The virtuous man (warrior) studies metaphysics and realizes they are the source of ethics, and an unveiling of the code by which the game is programmed. Through metaphysical effort the player feels able to reprogram the game to some degree, or tap into the deepest secrets of the game which have been hidden from him by laziness, foolishness, feminists, or white knights. The program seemingly has a programmer, and confronting the programmer is a metaphysical experience. This is why so many in the community end up getting religion. They begin to realize that this is a massively multiplayer game, and there is much more at stake than getting the girl or the job. They suddenly realize that there is a game manual after all, and it’s called a Bible.

Various Orgies In SynthVarious Orgies In SynthVarious Orgies In SynthVarious Orgies In Synth