Valie export monsti wiener wahre freundschaft

she says: “is driven by the wish to transcend the surface of the image. Be it the photographic image, the film image, the image created on a theater-stage or the formal layout of a baroque garden, I am trying to find and give a point of view towards the contradictory truths of the image.”

I will leave you with three musical selections from this compilation. The first is my absolute favorite track on this CD, Valie Export & Monsti Wiener's short and lovely ditty "Bananen". I will translate the lyrics for the benefit of the blog readers who don't know German.

Here is the Album Trailer for VOGELMIXE 

Gudrun Gut remixes Heimatlieder aus Deutschland 

Music: Edit of „La Caravane Du Maghreb: Marhba Vogelmix“

Video by w. Moon+Star Crew
Album Release 2016
 on Run United

Valie Export Monsti Wiener Wahre FreundschaftValie Export Monsti Wiener Wahre Freundschaft