Various chant damour

Tailors Breeches
Tailor and the Crow
Tailor and the Louse
Tailor and the Mouse
Tail Toddle
Take a Drink on Me
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Take This Hammer
Taku Miners
Tale of a Wife
Tall Men Riding
Tam Glen
Tam Lin
Tam o the Linn
Taras Harp
Tarpaulin Jacket
Tarry Sailor
Tarry Trousers
Tarry Trousers (2)
Tarry Trousers (3)
Tarry Wool
Tattie Jock
Taylor Fell Thro the Bed
Teaming Up the Cariboo Road
Tea Party Song
Tea Tax
Teddy ONeill
Ted Kennedy Song
Teetotal Society
Tee Roo
Telling Takes Me Home
Tell Old Bill
Tell Poor Lou Im Gone (Nigger Lou)
Tennessee Stud
Tenting on the Old Camp Ground II
Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp-Ground
Ten OClock and All is Well
Ten Thousand Cattle
Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle
Ten Thousand Miles
Ten Thousand Miles Away
Terror Time
Tex-i-an Boys
Texas Cowboy
Texas Jack
Texas Rangers
Texian Boys
Thats the Ticket
Thats What Its Like in the Navy
That Crazy War
Their Brains Were Small and They Died
Theniel Menzies Bonie Mary
Therell Be a Hot Time
Therell Be a Hot Time (Fire Parody)
Theres an Empty Cot in the Bunkhouse Tonight
Theres a Hole in the Bucket
Theres Many a Man Been Murdered in Luzon
Theres Nae Luck About the House
There Aint No Bugs on Me
There But for Fortune
There is a Happy Land
There is a Happy Land 2
There is a Tavern in the Town
There Was an Old Miller (3)
There Was a Lad
There Was a Young Woman Who Swallowed a Lie
Ther False-Hearted Lover
They Call Me a MACV Advisor
They Go Wild Over Me
The Banks of the Nile
The Battle of New Orleans
The Big Rock Candy Mountain
The Bonnet of Blue
The Cherry Tree Carol
The Factory Girl
The Green Mossy Banks of the Lea
The Hexhamshire Lass
The Irish Girl
The Lark in the Morning
The Saladin Mutiny
The Ship that Never Returned
The Suffolk Miracle
Things About Coming My Way
Thirty Cents a Day!
This Dreadful Life Im Livin
This Endris Night
This Great War
This Land is Their Land
This Land is Your Land
This Little Light of Mine
This Old Man
This Train
Thomas and Nancy
Thomas of Winesbury
Thomas the Rhymer
Those Brown Eyes
Those Old Cumberland Mountain Farm Blues
Thousand Mile Away
Thousand Songs
Thou Lingering Star
Threads Widely Expanded
Threes Rev. (Dog and Pony)
Three Birds
Three Blind Mice
Three Cherry Sisters Karamazov
Three Craws
Three Crows (Billy MacGee MacGore)
Three Girls Drowned
Three Grains of Corn
Three Hunters
Three Jolly Coachmen
Three Jolly Rogues of Lynne
Three Jolly Sneaksmen
Three Jolly Welchmen
Three Jolly Welshmen
Three McFarlands
Three Men of Eddystone
Three Merry Men
Three Nights and a Sunday
Three Old Ladies
Three Ravens
Three Ravens (5)
Three Score and Ten
Three Six Nine
Three Weeks Before Easter
Thyme It is a Precious Thing
Tibbie Dunbar
Tickle Cove Pond
Till I Go Down to Bimini
Times is Hard (Shithouse)
Time O Year for Dipping Sheep
Time to Be Made a Wife
Tinkers Courtship
Tipping It Up to Nancy
Tis Finished (Sing Hallelujah)
Titanic (Cold and Icy Sea)
Titanic (Gone to Rest)
Titanic (Husbands and Wives)
Titanic (Rise No More)
Titanic 6
Tittery Irie Aye
Tittery Nan
Tobaccos But an Indian Weed
Tobacco Union
Told My Captain
Tommys Gone to Hilo
Tom Bolyn
Tom Bolynn (2)
Tom Cat Blues (Ring-Tail Tom)
Tom Dooley
Tom ONeil
Tom Pierce (Tam Pearse)
Tom Twist
Tone the Bell Easy
Tongue Twister
Too Much of a Good Thing
Torn a Ma Goon
Town I Loved So Well
To Daunton Me
To the Beggin I Will Go
To the Weavers Gin Ye Go
Trace Boy on Ligoniel Hill
Trail to Mexico
Train that Never Returned
Tramps and Hawkers
Tramp on the Street
Tramp Tramp Tramp
Travelers Three
Treacle Scones
Trip on the Erie
Tristan and Isolda
Troopers Horse
Trooper and the Maid
Trooper and the Tailor
Trooper Watering His Nagg
Trouble in Mind
Truck Driving Woman
True and Trembling Brakeman
True Ballad of Jesse James
True Lovers Departure
Trumpeter of Fyvie
Truth From Above
Tullochgorum (2)
Turkey-Rogher Lee and the Yellow Golden Tree
Turkey in the Straw
Turkey in the Straw 2
Turkish Lady
Turmit Hoeing
Turning Toward the Morning
Turn Around
Turn Over in the Morning
Turn Ye to Me
Turpins Valour
Turtle Dove (2)
Twanky Dillo
Twas Efficient and Cost Effective
Twa and Twa
Twa Bonnie Maidens
Twa Corbies
Twa Corbies 2
Twa Emperors
Twa Recruitin Sergeants
Twa Sisters
Twa Wives
Twelve Days of Christmas (Original)
Twelve Days of Christmas (Parody)
Twelve Days of Christmas (PC)
Twelve Days of Marxmas
Twelve Gates to the City
Twelve Hundred More
Twenty-First of Liverpool
Twenty-One Years
Twenty Fourth of February
Twenty Tons of TNT
Twin Ballots
Two-Cent Coal
Two Brothers
Two Brothers (Civil War)
Two Brothers 3
Two Brothers 4
Two Lost French Fliers
Two Lovers Discoursing
Two Magicians
Two Puritans
Two Sisters (7)
Two Sisters (8)
Two Sisters (Bonnie Broom)
Two Young Brethren
Tyin Ten Knots in the Devils Tail
Tyre Fitter
Tythe Pig
T Stands for Thomas (2)

Various Chant DAmour