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At the turn of the century, Tejanos were mostly involved in ranching and agriculture. The only diversion was the occasional traveling musician who would come to the ranches and farms. Their basic instruments were the flute , guitar , and drum , and they sang songs that were passed down through the generations from songs originally sung in Mexico. One of these musicians was Lydia Mendoza , who became one of the first to record Spanish language music as part of RCA's expansion of their popular race records of the 1920s. As these traveling musics traveled into areas where the German Texans , Poles, and Czechs lived, they began to incorporate the oom-pah sound into their music. Narciso "El Huracan del Valle" Martinez, known as the "Father of Conjunto Music", defined the accordion's role in conjunto music.

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Various Texas MusicVarious Texas MusicVarious Texas MusicVarious Texas Music