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What all food guide pyramids have in common, besides representing certain dietary guidelines, is that they all have food groups. Each food group is often represented by blocks within a food pyramid image, starting with what you should it most of at the bottom. Often, you will also see how much of each food group to consume. A healthy food pyramid will include everything about the food guide it is trying to represent.

Vegetables and fruits take up a big section of the food pyramid, showing their importance. Vegetables and fruits are rich in color and taste. They add variety to your diet and are a feast for the eyes, but they can do even more for you. By eating a lot of vegetables and fruits everyday you will gain the possibility to stay healthy throughout your life. You will create a beneficial habit that may: lower your blood pressure , reduce your risks of having cardiovascular diseases and cancer, protect you from losing your vision when you are getting older and also help you from having diverticulitis (intestinal ailment).

Harmony 9x9 is a unique device, which helps to initiate harmony and to improve or develop interpersonal relationship between two persons or two organs. Harmony 9x9 with twin 9x Pyramids is powered by one gold and one copper FaMaa dome and a base plate. Also a special cosmic circuit at the bottom is inbuilt to enhance result.
Just open both gold and copper domes and place a photo of two persons or write the names in a piece of paper. For Gold Dome for elder sister and copper dome for younger sister so put the pyramid on your left hand and right hand on the top and give fa-ma same as other pyramids.

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