Fire escape love special delivery

“There are 3 fires surrounding us! Get out of here now!” , they holler as they get back into their car and speed off. I look up and realize that the weird glow is red. That it is fire. These are my angels. They have come down and woken me to a hell storm. Saving my life in the process.

The fire started just seconds into the band's opening song, their 1991 Billboard Mainstream Rock hit " Desert Moon ", when pyrotechnics set off by tour manager Daniel Biechele ignited flammable acoustic foam on both sides and the top centre of the drummer's alcove at the back of the stage. The pyrotechnics were gerbs , cylindrical devices that produce a controlled spray of sparks. Biechele used three gerbs set to spray sparks 15 feet ( m) for 15 seconds. Two gerbs were at 45-degree angles, with the middle one pointing straight up. The flanking gerbs became the principal cause of the fire. The foam was installed in two layers, with highly flammable urethane foam above polyethylene foam, the latter being difficult to ignite but releasing much more heat once ignited by the less dense urethane. Burning polyurethane foam instantly develops opaque, aggressive, dark smoke along with deadly carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide gas when burning. Inhaling this smoke only 2-3 times would cause rapid loss of consciousness and eventually, death by internal suffocation.

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Fire Escape Love Special DeliveryFire Escape Love Special DeliveryFire Escape Love Special DeliveryFire Escape Love Special Delivery